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"THE 30 IN 10 CAUSE"


Hi everyone!
Thank you for taking the time to check us out! We have created a page on Patreon where you can support people who are creating content to make a better world. Have you ever had a concern about the mental or emotional health of our culture? Have you wondered how YOU can make a difference when you are just ONE person. I know I have. As a trained therapist and the leader of Restoring Hope Counseling and Coaching, I know that we can make a difference and we must. Restoring Hope Counseling and Coaching has set a goal to lift the leadership capabilities of 30,000 mental health and addiction professionals as well as faith leaders globally in 10 years - by 2028. One thing I know, the better leader I become, the greater influence I have, which leads to greater potential for positive impact in my community.  I know that that is true for me and it is true for others. With your patronage and support, you will help Restoring Hope Counseling and Coaching create content that help achieve our mission and together we can change the world ..... for the better. You will help us help others who are helping others. You can check us out on Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/restoringhope


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