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Private Practice Consultation

Thank you for checking out our private practice consultation tab on our website! We are glad that you did!

Every private practitioner we know wants to help people and wants to be able to grow and manage their business well. In graduate school, we received a lot of training on how to help people but we received very little or no training on how to start, manage, and develop a private practice. We know what it's like because we've have done it. We started our practice in March of 2012. We have had some great successes as well as some failures and challenges. We have learned that there is nothing better than learning from all of them.

With this in mind, we have created this service to take a journey with you to help you start, manage, and lead your private practice. Because of our experience with our private practice, we can help with the following:

* Establishing and maintaining your vision and mission

* First steps in starting your own private practice

* Developing systems to to help support growth

* Hiring quality staff

* Working with insurance companies

* Getting all the money owed to you by the insurance companies

* Leading and dveloping yourself

* Leading and developing staff.

* Marketing and networking strategies.

and more ......


Our rates for our consultation services vary depending on the size of your private practice. The smaller the practice, the lower the rate. Rates start at $100.00 per consultation meeting. Call Steve at (513) 258-1474 to discuss pricing.

We also offer 2 monthly packages: (billed on the 1st of each month)

1) Basic Consultation Package - $399.00 per month

     With this package, you get 4 one-hour calls per month with one of our leaders within our practice. These calls are provided either over the phone or using video-conferencing technology. We prefer using video-conferencing to help us make a better connection with those we consult with.


2) Advanced Consultation Pachage - $499.00 per month

     With this package, in addition to the services provided in the Basic Consultation Package, you will also get unlimited email support throughout the month.


 For further information or to request a free 30-minute discovery session, contact Steve at (513) 258-1474 or at [email protected]

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